Facilities Edit

Facility Cost Usage Notes
Ground Defense 2,000,000 To prevent a country from losing %, and to protect in ground attacks Only 1 is needed in a country to hold it
Air Defense 2,000,000 To protect from air attacks and nukes Main usage is to protect countries from being nuked off the map
Factory 10,000,000 Generates a high amount of income Generates a lot of income, but is easily destroyed
Mines 5,000,000 Generates a small amount of income Generates a little income but is difficult to destroy
Oil Rig N/A Generates an extremely high amount of income Cannot be built or destroyed

Notes Edit

  • "Free Land" is included under facilities on the unit page. This represents how much land there is to build facilities on.
  • For every 100km2 of land, 1 assault is need to gain percent.
  • Factories, mines and oil rigs will naturally spawn in countries when controlled by either team. The spawn rate depends on the country.